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Gifty’s mum does the ‘Level up’ dance (video)


Former BBNaija housemate, Gifty’s mother has joined the ‘Level up’ Ciara inspired dance challenge.

Her daughter, Gifty captured the moment in a video, she was spotted saying ‘what a young girl can do, an old mama can do too.’

Gifty who shared her mum’s ‘level up’ dance video on Instagram, wrote:

My Best friend, My warrior, My sweet 16, My fashionista, My adviser, My mámá, My spiritual mother, My crime partner😋, my Prophetess, My Obim(heart), My world.. Words are not just enough to describe how amazing you are, Mom.

There are times I feel like giving the whole money in the bank to U😁, then wash UR feet with the most expensive drink in the world or even make an amazing Wrapper out of RED BERYL . Because U deserve it, Mom.
U fought our battle,U sacrificed for us to eat, sleep and bath.
You’re not just my mother, but my 1st Mentor❤.

U are a true definition of the word called “Mother”.
With God Almighty by my side, as long as I breathe,U will continue to enjoy non-stop,U will live to see your great grand children playing with your gray hair 😂.
Anyone that plans evil against U, may they be frustrated among themselves. May they be cribbled, blinded & destroyed.
It is said that we should pray for our enemies to live long so that they will see the goodness of the Lord, but in this case may our enemies die ×500.

Thank U for being a good mother.Thank U for not giving up on me and my siblings😚.
The Joy U have given to us your kids is PRICELESS.
I will never stop appreciating U Mummy❤. U’re the most beautiful ASSURANCE one can ever desire.I love U Sugar😙

So if U think U love UR Mother & U so feel deep down in UR Heart that U so much Love & Respect her & U wanna appreciate her, then what are U waiting for, mate? There are Zillion ways in appreciating UR Mother. “I love you no be for mouth😜 ”
Grab that body & booty & do the #GiftyLevelChallengeWithMyMom.

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